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Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2014
Not sure what exactly happened, but I'll try to describe it. Sorry if it would sound weird :)

So, first of all − I ordered Khaki, but received Black color. I actually didn't mind, because black was very good-looking, not dark-grayish, but really black, so I liked it.

As for the size, here's where weirdness starts. I initially was happy with the size, it was even a tiny little bit larger than I wanted, but it's good with this type of footwear. Later I felt like it became fit exactly right, so I figured I just "got used to it". Then, after some time (I was happily wearing them for couple weeks, and really enjoyed them), I once found that I literally can't put them on: they are too small. I thought they just deformed a bit because of whatever -- salty ocean water, sun etc., and that they'll get back to normal soon. My wife half-jokingly said that my feet swelled :)
Anyway, I tried to wear them for a minute, and it really hurt (I know, I shouldn't have, that was stupid, why would they become large again :)).

Anyway, now they are even smaller, I can't even pretend I can put them on. I swear all my other shoes are fine, so my feet didn't swell :)
I don't know if this all makes any sense, so I'm putting three stars as a neutral rating.
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