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February 7, 2017
I believe Embark provides a priceless service. I had Embark look at the DNA of three of my dogs and I just submitted a sample from a fourth dog I recently adopted. One of my dogs, Jinkies, had a history of not being able to recover from anesthesia. He had cancer and I would have had two small tumors removed but did not because we were afraid he would not live through the anesthesia. He was also having a neurological problem that required an MRI but we could not do it because of the anesthesia risk. After I had genetic testing done with Embark we found that he had the MDR1 gene and this was most likely the cause of his problems with anesthesia. Had we known earlier we would have been able to choose different anesthesia and protocols to remove his tumors and have the MRI. We received the test results in January and he passed away on February 3, 2017 due to the neurological issue. His condition was too delicate by the time we had received the results making anesthesia not an option. Going forward, I will test every dog I have as soon as possible so I know some of their health risks and to keep them safe as possible.

I also found their heritages interesting. Jinkies was also the result of uninformed people not understanding that intact siblings will breed if left alone - over and over again. I knew that Jinkies' parents and grandparents had inbred, but Embark showed that the great-grandparents had inbred, too. I believe those results.

I believe that Embark is priceless and I strongly recommend them. Below are all the dogs I've had tested by Embark.
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