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Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2019
If you are not concerned about someone easily taking your Pro, and need a better angle than just the included angle bracket, this might do. The thing that made me return this unit is the complete lack of security for the Ring itself. Anyone with a Philips head screwdriver can have your ring off the wall in 10-15 seconds, no problem. The screw heads are exposed at the top and bottom to allow for the angle adjustments after install. Once these screws are removed, a child could just rip the ring off the wall without any further disassembly required, without having to do anything to the ring itself - it will be fully intact.

Thieves are notoriously lazy. If you make them work for something they will move on. This makes your Ring an easy target. I instead built a wooden angle mount to increase my angle and the ring is secure.

To the manufacturer - You have an easy way to address this issue. Flip the screws and design the housing so that the nuts are outward and covered. As part of install, have the owner determine the angle needed, and lock the adjustment screws from the inside of the unit before install. Once mounted, the screw heads will be inside the unit, and there you have it, a secure installation.

Without a redesign, you could enhance security by using Torx head Security bits, the ones with the recession and nipple in the middle, instead of standard screws. Maybe even match the head style that Ring uses for their security screw. That way you are AT LEAST matching the security level of the manufacturer.
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