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April 5, 2019
Of course, the word "great" is relative to the price vs. features and performance. Like I said, it is GREAT!

As usual, Amazon delivered item in its usual timely fashion. Let me preface this review by admitting I was a bit skepical considering the $37.99 price tag. But I decided to give it a shot after all the positive reviews and the low cost lesson if it didn't live up. So far, glad I did!

1. Set up was relatively painless as promised.
2. Inside home, window shaes open, daylight picture is surprisingly good(Haven't seen low light pic yet!).
3. SD/HD option for video settings is nice. Don't need high-res for general use and u can txt or email video clips more readily the smaller file size they are.
4. All features promised were delivered so far.
5. Microphone defaults to off but touch a button and its on and works fine albeit certainly not high quality to be sure. But it gets the job done none the less. My pref would be to default it to ON at a low volume setting.
6. Very wide, almost 360 degree viewing. Pan/Tilt/Zoom works(See Cons)
7. Tabletop or wall mounting the device is a nice feature and the fact they supply screws is a plus.
8. Have yet to test the push notifications feature.

1. BIGGEST negative I have is panning in app. Slow responsiveness but does work. May require a little work to get it set exactly where you want it. They say you can preset saved angle settings. I havent gotten that far yet. The pan/tilt/zoom features should really have buttons also to help manipulate these features.

2. Manual supplied is a bit small. After going thru manual and all that entailed, the last page they tell you where to go and download a PDF vesion of the manual! Perhaps you can put that UPFRONT of manual??

3. Website is discouraging as they don't even list my model anywhere anymore. That tells me its old tech. My bad. Shoulda looked for that BEFORE I purchased.

4. The power connection in back of unit uses old style "barrel connector", as another reviewer put it. I agree with that reviewer, they should use more modern connections, Micro USB or USB-C . . .

5. Let ya know if anymore CONS show up!!

Would I recommend this unit? Absolutely!
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