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Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2019
Ridiculously easy to setup. Once I had it on my phone, all I had to do on the other phones was log in and the camera was already setup. Picture quality is much better than the static position baby monitor I had. Angle of view is better too. I can practically see the entire room. I thought the zoom would be a waste since most digital zooms are, but this one works great. I hung my camera upside down from the base to get a better view of the area directly below the camera. There is a screen flip option in the settings to right the image. Notifications are nice. You can set a specific ring or vibration to alert me when there is movement.

I've had some time to fiddle with the camera, and I've had some second thoughts. I bought this specifically as a security camera for my baby's room. It's marketed as a "Pet Camera" but the motion detection doesn't detect my dog, my cat, or by baby girl. I wanted it to be able to detect movement and let me know when something is happening, but even with the motion detection sensitivity maxed out it doesn't pick up anything. It alerts me when I walk in front of the camera, but apparently, anything smaller than a full grown adult is ignored.

Also, I've found the app to be very unstable. It doesn't crash, per se, but has a bad habit of freezing and not opening up the menus which forces me to restart to get it to work properly. It works most of the time, but the problems happen often enough to be a real annoyance.
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