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January 11, 2019
Received a request from whom I thought was an associate. It had her name and address and requested that a purchase an Amazon Gift Card on her behalf as her computer was compromised. Although I suggested that she could pick one up at her local drug store, she indicated that it had to be in US Dollars. Being a nice guy, I went ahead and ordered the eGift card and thought nothing more of it until, I received another request for another gift card. It was then that I called her and asked what was up. She reaction was "not you too"! I, of course reported it to Amazon and of course it had already been redeemed. I requested Amazon to investigate where it was redeemed and by whom. After several pieces of correspondence between Amazon and myself, they supposedly reported it to their fraud department, I was told to report intro to my local police fraud department. Nothing was accomplished. Just a run around. Beware iff you receive a strange request for an Amazon Gift card. I certainly have learned my lesson.
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