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Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2017
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While I'm not a fan of another appliance on my counter, I'm a bigger fan of convenient, hot, nicely-brewed coffee. I'm now a fan of this coffee maker that serves my husband and me each morning and gives me 12 oz of an afternoon cup. Providing a 2-in-1 unit needs to be larger than the standard maker and I'm impressed that Hamilton Beach designed smartly.

Our coffee maker needs to park under upper shelves--which this one does easily at 14" tall. We've been using a "handy caddy" pull-out under our makers for a long time. (Saved our wood counter tops for years...and now provides a smooth glide forward/back on tile) Both water-well lids require open space above, so we pull our brewer forward. While forward, the Hamilton Beach needs a big footprint... approx 12" left-to-right and 22" front-to-back. The good news, is that the top of the maker doesn't get as hot and steamer as our older coffee makers, so once the coffee is brewed, I can slide it back to its parking spot under the counter.

Preparing coffee by either option is simple, straight-forward, and effective. There's ample room in both for pouring and I haven't dribbled/spilled trying to navigate a too-small space. Very pleased by this positive feature for me.

I am in a lot of homes who have higher end coffee makers--lots of Keurigs. It's a large piece of counter-top gear too and I wouldn't trade this 2-option Hamilton Beach for a Keurig. For me, it feels wasteful to whip through the K-cups and I've yet to find the right ratio for my ground coffee in the "do it yourself pod". But, for an afternoon mug, I easily justify one K-cup in my favorite dark roast.

Carafe Side: The buttons over the carafe are clear and simple. The carafe slides in and out smoothly (no tugging or tipping to pull out or return). The coffee is very hot (a plus). The ground basket lifts out easily and the water well is ample for me to pour water without spilling/dripping/dribbling.
Individual cup Side: A step-stool design to (a) store do it yourself pods or a k-cup doubles as a cup rest for your cup of coffee. This riser easily lifts out if (a) you want to retrieve/replace or (b) you have a tall travel mug. Mine is 7 3/4" tall -- I do have to slightly angle it under the dispenser, but I found that smooth.
The finish is done in a black matte which better camouflages finger prints (than shiny). The back (black) cord is (approx) 21" long, so ... probably like most coffee makers, it needs to be nearer an outlet (to provide for pulling it out to pour water if under upper cabinets).

What impressed me a lot, about the single-cup, is how much better tasting and stronger my usual K-cup brand came out (12 oz amount)...and hotter... than the Keurigs I have used. (I know the temperature can be adjusted on the Keurig and even then... this H-Beach without adjusting the temperature...was hotter). The carafe side also puts out a smooth and hot(ter) cup of coffee than our former HB coffee maker.

This brewer does not beep when done (which I have no worries that I'll forget to check)--I prefer "no beep"
For a 10 cup carafe; 9minutes 38 seconds.
For a 12 oz travel mug; 3 minutes.
The carafe side "noise" seems standard--with a lean to more quiet than many past makers.
The K-Cup side is louder, which is expected--but this isn't an issue for me--short cycle to heat and dispense.
Each side has its own exterior-viewing water-level gauge
Two-hour keep warm cycle
Programmable (which I don't use)

The only "con" I have witnessed is that there are a few (3) drips when the individual "K cup" is "done". (an easy wipe up for me)

I am VERY happy with this Hamilton Beach!
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