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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2019
This is going to be a cookie-cutter review of two pairs of Sketchers Memory Foam Shoes/Sneakers.

I purchased two different pairs, one Vigor 2.0 (grey/black) and the other an After Burn M.Fit. (tan/brown color) Outside of their names, and some aesthetics difference, both of these pairs are basically the same shoes. OK, well some will argue that they are different shoes just because the type of soles they have, but honestly my feet cant tell the difference between them. Speaking of my feet, they are definitely loving the memory foam padding. Both of these shoes were put into immediate service after they arrived at the house, and I’ve pretty much been wearing them every single work day for the past 3 weeks.

I recently got into a health craze, and seeing that I live approximately 2 miles (each way) from work, I figured I could begin walking or biking in. The first couple days I made the trek wearing my work boots, and quickly discovered that while they might be comfortable to wear under normal circumstances, they quickly lose said comfort a mile into lengthy walk. So, I went looking for decent shoes, from a brand I trust, with enough good reviews to convince me to take a chance on them. Enter the Vigor and After Burn.

I consider these more of a day-hiking wear than something one would wear to the gym. They’re extremely comfortable to walk in, but not to sure how they would handle the stresses of a vigorous aerobic-style workouts. I also don’t consider them running shoes, although they do show up when you search for athletic shoes on Amazon.

What else. My shoe size has always been a bit weird. On average, I normally wear a size 13.5 W, but I’ve found that some vendors 13 Wide fit just fine, where others I had to move up to a 14 just so my toes don’t feel like they’re being crushed. I purchase 13XW, hoping that this will be one of those occasion where the smaller size would fit. Also, sizes 13.5 or 14 weren’t available at time of purchase. Well, the gamble paid off, they both fit. While I may not be able to wear thick winter socks with the shoes, they fit comfortably enough with your standard tube sock.

I have seen a few reviews of folks mentioning that they shoes fell apart days/weeks after purchase. So far, it’s been three weeks and they’re holding up just fine. I am not hiking any trails with them, but I am putting at least 6-8 miles on them every day, with at least 2 of those miles in Central Florida concrete heat. I also alternate between them, switching colors as my clothes for the day dictate.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. I’ll try to remember to update this review is something catastrophic happens, or if nothing happens and they continue to do they’re job.
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