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Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2018
I bought FlyBy specifically for big nights out, but after seeing how great that work, I've started taking them almost daily, regardless of drinking. I've had migraines almost all my life. I've been getting Botox for about the last year; and just started Aimovig a couple months ago. I've taken all the different prescribed daily medications as preventatives and take Maxalt (Rizatriptan) regularly at the onset of a migraine. I ALWAYS take a Maxalt before bed after/during drinking so I dont die in the morning. That said, I started taking FlyBy a month or so ago and, well, I'm impressed. It has actually changed my way of thinking about a Migraine. While no one knows exactly what causes these incapacitating day ruiners, its my opinion we must be lacking something. A vitamin, a protein, im not sure. But whatever it is we lack, FlyBy replaces. Years ago, I tried Acupuncture for the migraines. Unfortunately, they didn't do much; but i remember the Dr told me my liver was "hot". Working in overdrive. And that I needed to avoid spicy foods. Greasy foods. And I needed to drink a nasty Tea of his. Ughhhh. I wasn't into it. And I like my hot and spicy foods, so needless to say, he wasn't my cure. But that resonated with me because FlyBy discusses alcohol's affect on the liver. So perhaps in their quest to eliminate hangovers, they've also stumbled across the perfect mix of vitamins for Migraine sufferers as well. As for me, in the last month that I've been taking it, I've only taken 2 Maxalts. And on the bigger, boozier, nights, I've replaced Maxalt with ibuprofen, which is nothing short of amazing for me.
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