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Reviewed in the United States on May 11, 2016
Way happier we went Snap instead of the FUJI Instax my sister kept talking about. Why? Let me count the ways.
1) You get that classic instant Polaroid print (perfect wallet size by the way) AND a digital image you can share, post and everything else to show your kids you're cool and living in the past. All you get with the Fuji is a print--whether you want it or not.
2) You tell the camera what to print and how many to print--not the other way around. If I had a dime for every lousy picture that popped out of my dad's One Step, I'd have a lot of dimes. My wife says the "anticipation"--seeing if was worth saving--was part of the fun. I say I'd rather save money knowing I can decide what to print...though if we're in a "retro" mood you can apparently set it for classic auto print...but the choice is yours, not the camera
3) $9.49 gets you 10 Instax prints (whether you like them or not)
$9.99 gets you 20 Polaroid SNAP prints (and YOU can pick 'em before you print 'em!)

I don't care if you're Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, why pay almost a buck a print with the Fuji when Polaroid's prints are half that?

4) Really cool brand. Really cool memories. Reason we got the Snap was so my non-digital grandmother could leave my uncle's surprise party with some actual pictures , but once everyone realized our SNAP wasn't just Polaroid in name but Polaroid in instant pictures as well, we had everyone asking us for everyone over the age of 20 "had a Polaroid story"...(and not G or PG either), seems people saw the name, the cool little "rainbow stripe" and the pictures coming out...and so did the stories.

5) Good for business. I'm in catering and as much as everything is digital these days, You'd be surprised at how much clients like being handed a print or two, of their custom cake or birthday sushi platter--especially as the Snap is small enough to slip into my jacket pocket without making it look like I'm carrying a gun

Is my Snap going to replace my iPhone? Hardly. It DOES take a bit of getting used to as would any traditional type camera at this point And while it doesn't have an LCD viewing screen, the pop-up "optical" (as in glass) viewfinder did the job just fine--even if it DID remind me of some video games from my misspent youth. What it does do is give me one heck of an option when I'm in places where I don't want to waste my phone battery but DO want to be able to take and share actual pictures--not just digital ones. PLUS my Fuji-fanatic sister can't take credit for the fact we made the smarter choice and went with a Polaroid Snap .
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