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October 28, 2018
So I've purchased several of these docking stations, 3 for myself, and 5 for various clients. As far as a HDD docking station, they work well enough. Built-in cloning works fine as well, albeit you need to ensure the target drive's "true" capacity is equal to or larger than the source drive's "true" capacity. This is not always an easy task unless you are very familiar with various manufacturer's various models of drives. Fortunately for myself, this is not an issue, but your average Amazon customer will probably have some difficulties there.

So the biggest issue I have with this product from Wavlink is that even though it supports UASP, it doesn't fully support it. It does not appear to relay to the operating system (Win 10 or otherwise) that an inserted drive is an SSD. Since Wavlink does not have any drivers for this device, it relies on Windows built-in UASP support. Windows doesn't recognize the SSD and therefore if you bring up the "Optimize" tool (from Explorer, right click drive, select properties, Tools tab) it will show up as an HDD instead of SSD and therefore you cannot perform a TRIM on the SSD. In fact, you can seriously degrade your SSD if you perform an actual optimization at that point (so DON'T do it!).

Even defrag from a CMD window (defrag <drive>: /L /U /V) will tell you it cannot perform a TRIM on the SSD drive. There's no real way to force Windows to recognize it as an SSD. This functionality can only be done via properly supporting UASP on the docking station. NOTE: your USB chipset, and operating system must support UASP in addition to the device (Win 8.1 and up do internally, as well as any modern motherboard and USB expansion cards of the last several years).

Finally, for anyone who is looking for an HDD/SSD docking station that supports TRIM, I have found at least one that does: DBPOWER USB 3.0 to SATA dual bay dock does this, though it does not appear to be available on Amazon anymore. Only the single bay appears to be available, but I do not know whether that one supports the functionality or not.
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