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Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2018
No need to hesitate... buy it. I've thought about getting one of these before, but I figured they were a "gimmick". But trying to keep these floors clean with 2 dogs and 4 cats was nearly impossible. Who has the time to vacuum all the time? Even after 1 week (or even a few days) they're bad. We have hardwood and tile floors in most of the house. But, I didn't want to spend $500, and I realized I didn't need to if I didn't want to control it from my phone, use virtual walls, etc. But even this one has "virtual walls" by using the magnetic strips, which work great. It finds its home with ease, and does a great job of finding every square inch of the floor. The amount of hair and dust it picks up every day is amazing (and disgusting! -- no wonder I'd start to get cranky around here when the floors weren't vacuumed). It goes fine on carpeting, too. I suppose that carpeting should still be vacuumed with a more "normal" vacuum, but now it won't need to be as often. Area rugs.... no problem. It also senses things BEFORE it runs into them, so you don't hear it clunking around smashing into things like I have read in other vacs' reviews. And it's much quieter than I expected it to be. I would think that the Eufy 11S would be just as good -- I just went with this because at the time because for about $30 more I could get this model with the little extra suction power rating and the magnetic strip "virtual walls". If you want a robotic vacuum in the $250 price range, you will not be disappointed! We love this thing!

Oh, and by the way, I think you are obligated to give these new family members names, right? So we named ours "Robo Thor".

3 month update:
Still love it! Have had no problems with it.

6 month update:
Still love it! No problems. No parts replaced.
The amount of hair, dust, and dirt this thing picks up every day is unbelievable. Or maybe we're just dirty people. :)
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