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Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2019
With the price of $88.00, I was skeptical that this may not be a real card, but I went ahead and ordered it anyways. After all, Amazon has a great return policy, so its not like I'd be out any money.
Received the card today and first thing I did was do a little verification on it. First, a quick test with Crystal Disk Mark, testing sequential rear/write with a 4gb file, it passed with flying colors!
Okay, now for the big test, will it hold a full 400 gigs of data? Open H2TestW and ran a full test on the card (ignore the 1mb extra on the disk that it didn't test, don't ask me why it does this!), 3½ hours later, I have the answer, it works exactly as it should!
Am now copying over my music files, well, at least 330gb of it, which leaves me easily 30+gb for photos and video, which is way more than enough for my use!
Just to make sure we're all on the same page here, the photos are of what I received, as well as screen shots of the two tests I performed. If you received anything different, I'd suggest testing the card before using it.
Overall, I'm happy with this card for its price! Its replacing a 256gb Samsung Evo card that's been in my Galaxy S7 for about a year, I'll use it elsewhere since there's nothing wrong with that one either.
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