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October 12, 2018
You will not regret the $15. I know this because one of two things will happen when you buy this.
1) You will receive a product identical to mine and you will be pleased.
2) You will receive a faulty product and Nulaxy will send you a new one.

This transmitter fits perfectly in all the cigarette lighters I have tried it in, and with the neck flexibility it is fully customizable. In my car this means I can face it up towards myself and the screen is easy to navigate. The sound quality is phenomenal when playing through bluetooth or with an aux cord (it wasn't perfect at first but I gave it a little time to warm up and now it's great). The sound quality is a little less good for talking over the phone but I think that's my phone's fault, not the transmitter.
Another great feature is that once you connect your phone with bluetooth, it will be connected automatically next time you're in the car, and very quickly too.

Some reviews have complained that there is no on/off button. This seems stupid to me. If you turn the car on, the transmitter turns on; and if you turn the car off, there is no power being supplied to the transmitter and it turns off.

This is where the research ended for me, and it should for you too. This device is flawless, and the company behind it is wonderful.
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