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March 18, 2018
My husband had been in charge of buying litter for our two cats, and had been getting non-clumping litter. With me being the one cleaning the litter box, that was a pain in the behind since there was no way to remove the *ahem* liquid waste products, other than just dumping out all the litter. Which I'm pretty sure everyone agrees isn't a practical option to do every time a cat "goes". So I promoted myself to being in charge of litter purchases and ordered this Purina lightweight litter, since not only was it a clumping litter which makes it super convenient to remove liquid waste easily, but I was also sick of having to lug around and store big bags of heavy litter. This litter is fantastic - I'm really surprised at how happy and pleased I can be about something like cat litter. This clumps really well and almost instantly, so all waste can be removed to have a fresh, clean litter box and nothing to leave any odors. But, I'm sure here wouldn't be odors anyways because THIS STUFF SMELLS SO GREAT! The addition of the Glade scents is so fresh and definitely covers any odor that there may be. It's not an overwhelming scent, but you can certainly notice it and it just makes the room smell clean and fresh. You'd think there was an air freshener rather than a litter box in the room. The kicker is that it's lightweight, but packs a punch in how much it can hold. This definitely makes it easier on storage since it takes up less space, it's much easier to carry around, and no more lugging heavy bags of "used" litter out to the garbage. But just because it's lighter doesn't mean you're missing out on anything, since it can absorb about twice it's weight/is comparable to using twice as much non-clumping litter. As silly as it sounds, it's safe to say this litter has changed my life for the better. Less fuss, less mess, and less smell.
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