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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 7, 2022
This is my favorite fertility monitor I’ve tried so far. I was cautious about ordering since there’s very little info or reviews around the internet, but it seems to be a very well made and reliable device. It’s totally fascinating to see my hormone levels on the chart! My LH levels don’t cooperate with standard ovulation strips (I never get a positive with standard strips), so it’s nice to see all the different hormones mapped out together. I think the results are very accurate because the device attaches directly to your phone’s camera and is able to get a very consistent and controlled picture of the test strips. It seems like the competitor strips that you place on a card and take a photo of have more variation in results. But, because the Inito attaches directly to your phone, you can’t have a case on your phone. Luckily I still had an old iPhone 7 around, so I just leave the Inito clipped to that phone and that’s all I use it for. If I didn’t have an extra phone lying around, having to remove my phone case to use the Inito might be a dealbreaker, but I think it’s way more accurate because it clips onto your phone to take readings of strips, so probably worth the hassle. I recommend to anyone with TTC issues and think it’s just really fascinating to see your hormone chart too!
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