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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 22, 2017
Not only does it look nice, it works great. The directions were adequate for programming the meal times and quantity of each, but it took a couple of tries to get the programming just right to get the right amount of kibble for my kitty...no clogs or jams. As a reference for size of kibble, kitty eats Iams brand. It is easy to load the food and check how much is left in the hopper. The speaker is very quiet, but my kitty has no trouble hearing it. Her internal clock tells her when each feeding is approaching and she usually hangs around the feeder. She hears it even when she is on a different floor of the house. The feeder is electric and accommodates a "D" (3) battery back-up which really gives you peace of mind when you are away. My pet sitter tended to overfeed my cat, so no more of that. Still use the pet sitter, but now there is more time for play on visits and I don't wonder if the pet sitter gets to my house in a timely fashion each day. The only con is very minor. The readout is not back lit, but maybe it is better that way! Seems like the company has thought of everything. One last thing. If you just want to give your pet a little snack, there is a manual button and you can advance a portion or two.
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