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June 11, 2013
I used this book to get my Dad's book published and it met most of my needs but I feel it could be made better. For instance I was preparing a Kindle version of his book just now and I had remembered reading something about ISBN numbers for electronically published books but because there was no index, it took a while to find it and the chapter titles were not that much help.
This book is clearly designed as a book that will be referred to from time to time, yet there is no index and only four chapters (each chapter is split into two subchapters). It seems like it could be organized better to provide faster access to the information that the reader is looking for. Also I found my self wishing for more simple lists and checklists instead of requiring the reader to pick thru the fairly dense text. Careful addition of some white space would help the reader get the most out of the book.
I have no real quarrel with the MS Word tutorials but found like other readers that is was a little too specific for MS Word 2010. It would have been nice if the author would have taken the extra step and mentioned the alternate steps for MS Word 2007 when they differed from 2010.
I was also caught a little short when I found, buried on page 163, the following warning:
"It's important to note that you can't add a LCCN (i.e., Library of Congress Control Number)after your book is published. After you click Approve Proof, your book is published and it is too late to add an LCCN." If this had been important to me, I would have been unlikely to have seen this until it was too late....
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