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Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2019
My wife has low blood pressure and has to monitor herself daily. She had been using another highly rated product for a couple of years, but found it to be very inconsistent - she would take three reading and all varied quite a bit. Its display was also not particularly great. So, I bought her this model after reading reviews and waiting for it to go on sale with a coupon. In short, it is fantastic. Three reading in a row and they are almost identical. She actually took it into one of her doctor's offices and compared it with the help of a nurse to the office monitor and the numbers were very close. A couple of weeks later I happened to be at my dentist office and noticed that they had this very model in their exam/cleaning rooms. MY wife loves the easy to read display and it's ability to average multiple reading, and track her daily readings over a month or so - and her doctor also appreciates this feature. Overall this has turned out to be a great investment and we have yet to find any fault with its design, quality, reliability, accuracy, or precision.

Importantly, my wife has very think arms and often needs to use a child cuff. However, the cuff on this model fits her perfectly, as well as it does me - at 6'2" 200 pounds.
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