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Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2017
I recently got a 7 string guitar and figured I would spring for a new tuner. My old one was a stomp box style tuner and I hated always having to find a cord just to tune my guitar. I went with the Snark ST-8HZ based on the price and overall good reviews. Amazon got it to me on time and well packaged. As far as the tuning functions go, I was impressed - it instantly picked the correct string I was hitting and the display was very responsive to any adjustments I would make. The included instructions did a good job of explaining how to use the expanded options and my overall opinion of the thing was that it was $14 well spent. Two days later I picked up the guitar, and when I pressed the power button on the tuner it came off in my hand. Not the whole tuner - just the round display piece... the clip was still on the head stock of the guitar. You cant see it in any of the product images here - and unfortunately ALL of the snark tuners have this flaw - the display is connected to the retaining clip by a small curved plastic arm. It is attached at each end with a ball that snaps into a 3 fingered plastic socket. When I looked closely at the clip side it was clear that one of the retaining tabs had cracked and was no longer holding. I hadn't hit or bumped the tuner or anything in my opinion that should have caused it to break.. but it did. I super glued the arm back in to the socket and just figured I will use it till it breaks again and then get a different tuner. A couple of days ago it popped off again - to my surprise the glued side was still attached.. this time a clip on the display side broke off. Long story short - it's a great tuner with a seriously flawed attachment design.
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