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Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2013
I bought a 4T myCloud for an automated backup for my main PC, and for cloud backup for my laptop.
I was able to muddle thru setting it up (it is NOT all that intuitive), I can now see and MANUALLY copy files to and from the shares on the myCloud drive, so its there, its working, and its available...somewhat....

But THEIR "Smartware" backup software does NOT see myCloud - when I run WD Smartware, the only "backup target" (ie: where to put the backed up files) is DropBox! And they even tell you to go BUY a DrobBox subscription and enter that info here to continue.
I have mapped the 3 pre-installed shares (aka directories) on myCloud to my PC (can see them under Computer and manually copy files to/from them), and I can open and explore the 2 I created (tho i have not figured out how to map them to my PC yet - does not take my win7 user name/pw nor my myCloud name/pw). But I can still MANUALLY copy files to / from even my created shares using, so everything can see the myCloud shares EXCEPT their backup software.

So why cant THEIR 'smart' backup software SEE THEIR hardware? I can see and access it, just not via their backup software.

When I run WD Smartware to set up the backups, it ONLY allows me to select setting up a dropbox account as the target for the backups - it does NOT show or allow me to pick any of the shares (dirs) on myCloud drive. If I wanted to use dropbox, I wouldnt have shelled out $200 for this box.

There are also links to download a "trial" version of Smartware, or PAY to UPGRADE to Smartware PRO! Again, the REASON I bought myCloud was FOR the AUTOMATED BACKUP capabilities / software that were supposed to come with it. So far, at every turn, they want me to go BUY something else to make it do what its supposed to do.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times - getting old.
Running Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit on a Dell 990 i5 with 8 gigr am, 2T disk, 4T myCloud.

Here is the sum-total of their "help" on how to set up backups... and I quote the ENTIRE text from their 'help center':

"Back up all or selected files and folders with WD SmartWare
To use WD SmartWare to back up files and folders (all or selected ones), do the following:
Action 1: Download and install WD SmartWare
Action 2: Back up files and folders using WD SmartWare "

... That is what they consider 'help' in using Smartware to set up backups. Thats not an answer, that was MY QUESTION!

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