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Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2020
Alfred Hitchcock said in interviews that his main focus in film-making was the effect that the film had on the viewer and that basically everything else is secondary. That may be true, but his films often had two other important elements: a very well written and entertaining script and a very good cast. But at the time that he completed this film in early 1960, not only was he an incredibly skilled, experienced and active Director in Hollywood, he had his own television show going on, and he was hugely popular; all of the best people wanted to work with him. And so, in this film, Psycho, which fits perfectly into the suspense-mystery genre which Hitchcock totally mastered, he apparently set out to prove that he was able to make a highly entertaining and effective film on a very low budget using his television crew on a back lot of Universal Studios (Paramount at the time) ... because that is what he did. Apparently the studio wasn't really keen on Hitch making a film on the cheap, and also, I think, someone can correct me if I am wrong, that this was Anthony Perkins' last film on his contract with Paramount, and they didn't want his contract to end with an amazing film and the performance of his life-time (especially after recently finding out that he was hiding a love affair with another male movie star for over three years). And because of these facts, what I think the Paramount studio moguls did was try to sabatoge the film by getting some film critics to give bad reviews and to also peruade the powers that be behind the Academy Awards to give the film only four nominations -- leaving out a nomination for best picture and best actor. (The best picture and best actor awards went to Elmer Gantry, a film that I have yet to see, and it's star Burt Lancaster).
Psycho earned about 20 million dollars in the first year, and the cost of the entire picture was under 1 million, and that was with the idiot studio heads trying to sabotoge the film. One of the best things about Psycho is the incredible writing of a fairly unknown writer named Joseph Stefano. He should have won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay for that year because film writing just doens't get any better than this.
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