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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on March 1, 2018
I received and unboxed my new Zinus 12" Green Tea mattress yesterday. After removing the mattress from its vacuum bag it was quickly apparent that the mattress was too long to fit the bed frame. I used a tape measure; the mattress is 60"x82" which is 2" longer than the specified size and out of spec for a queen mattress. It's only been about 16 hours since opening but the mattress did even out in thickness to about 10.5"; they say give it up to 72 hours so it may still rise more. The mattress didn't have any smells or stains like I've seen in some other reviews. I would be keeping this mattress if it weren't for the length problem.

I've currently been waiting about 4 hours for a call back from Zinus their customer service didn't answer the phone and requested a voicemail. I'll update this review once my customer service issue is resolved by Zinus or Amazon.

* EDIT *

It's been more than 2 whole business days since I first contacted Zinus and have received no response to my voicemail nor to my online support ticket.

I also see that Zinus has already replied to this review saying to contact them at the phone number that I called and left a voicemail at previously. I had tried this number a couple more times since leaving a voicemail and have yet to get a person on the phone despite calling at various times between 6AM and 6PM PST.

After waiting for Zinus to respond and not receiving a response I contacted Amazon which resolved the issue for me in a matter of minutes via online chat.

* EDIT 2 *

3 full business days, no reply from Zinus. Mostly updating this because I thought to measure the thickness of the mattress before donating it. It has expanded fairly evenly to 11" everywhere that I have measured. Note that this is the 12" model and it has been opened for 6 full days now.
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