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Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2019
Growing up in the day when my Mother washed, starched and ironed all our sheets/pc these brought back memories of those days without the starch! Both my wife and I grew up on percale and you won't find us sleeping on sateen or other weaves that are soft and very hot! The packaging of these sheets as other have mentioned is just outstanding. I think as Americans we enjoy such things but we don't produce a lot things that you can package so elegantly with a personal touch of a note.

So we have washed them 4 times now and they are just getting softer if that's possible. I told my wife it reminds me of sleeping on one of my white dress shirts I used to wear to work. We followed the washing instructions and they actually wrinkle very little when removed promptly from the dryer and put on the bed. The biggest down side is they don't label the top of the sheet so the first time we had them on wrong. We quickly realized our mistake and made marks on the hem with an indelible ink so we won't do that again.

The size is just perfect for our king size bed which measure about 13 inches high. The elastic is all the way around so they don't pull out. The top sheet is extremely long so you will never get short sheeted with these sheets which is a big plus for me. The sewing is all done extremely well with no loose ends or dangling threads.

So while not the thickest of sheets, I don't think you will find a better price out there on this quality of sheets without paying twice the amount they are charging. And I guess we wish they would come with standard sized pillow cases since we don't like long pillows we will have to pay someone to shorten them so we can use without all that left over fabric.

Otherwise I was concerned about the negative reviews about these sheets but find we don't always agree with reviews and I'm not sure we got the same sheets as some of these people got with their negative experiences. So I am glad we went ahead and gave them a try because, for the money, I doubt you find any better.
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