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Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2019
Edit to add, in the instructions it says to give 24 hours for any bubbles to work themselves out. I left the one on my phone for 24 hours that had all the bubbles and they just got worse if anything else. These weren’t just air bubbles this was a defect of the adhesive not properly dispersed on the protector.

Only one actually worked correctly. This was a 3 pack, We got 2 new phones and decided to just buy these and we would have one extra. I’ve become very good at installing these and know what to expect. I first applied one to my phone, I made sure there was absolutely zero dust on the screen and there wasn’t, however after it was on the phone you could see large bubbles. I tried to move them toward the edge but upon closer inspection I noticed these were not actually bubbles but rather sections of the screen protector that didn’t have the proper adhesive. I tried to work it for about an hour but they would not go away. So I tried another one on a different phone, same exact thing, so I just took it right off and grabbed the last one and it went on perfectly and the one little bubble it did have came right out. These are a good value if you can get one protector that works out of the 3, It’s still cheap enough. But I’d recommend buying two packs (6 total) if you have 2 phones to install these on. It appears that out of the 3 you will most likely get at least one that works. I will say the included install tool made this very simple to put on, no worrying about getting it lined up and that increases the likely hood of no dust since you just have to apply once. If I had gotten 2 that worked correctly out of the 3 it would have been 4 stars. If all had no defect it would be a perfect 5 star rating. I will probably try a different brand for my phone as I only got the one installed on my husbands phone.
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