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Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2019
This is great. Have only fixed roast beef brisket and a few things in it, but omg... easy, hands off cooking fast... love it... cooked all day flavor in 1-2 hours... gotta love it... may try to make pho... see how that goes. I did not read all the directions yet, so maybe there IS a way, but so far have yet to be able to programe for over 59 mins at a time, probably me tho (I'll update if I read that part and figure out how to do/if it does) But easy enough to just go 21 more mins once it sounds, or w/e is req'd for that recipe.

Update: Had for a while now, use all the time (maybe a bit less come summer tho) still loive it saw some people in reviews talking about error messages. I have had it happen a couple times, let it cool dopwn some and unplugged for a minute or two, plug back in, right as rain.

Cannot really use much/for long w/o a fair bit of moisture in there. I use the saute for a bit, but it can get too hot and be an issue if not tended to in this regard. Once there's liquid (at least a cup) in there tho and you have cleared the browned bottom (from saute feature) and put lid on and put time in let it rip w/o paying a bit of attn to it NP.

Kinda bummed out this model no longer really available. It's great. (Have yet to attack Pho in it yet tho, but have found recipes I have to use that OTHER pot's name in " marks w/ recipe then w/e I'm hoping to make. But there are PLENTY online!
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4.4 out of 5
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