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Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2018
I wanted to try these because big name brand cheaper diapers make my son SMELL so bad of chemicals. It’s nasty and makes me want to puke and that’s not even a joke. Huggies is the worst culprit and makes my son emit the odor of a chemical factory. Idk if the diapers have something in them that don’t mesh with my kid but it’s f*****g gross. Plus those brands cut into my son who is like the skinniest kid in the world. I like amazons Mama bear brand but wanted something more natural to eliminate the smell. Other natural brands are just way out of the normal range for what diapers should cost. I mean come on guys no one should have to pay $75 for a box of like 65 diapers. That’s not even a months worth. And while some of those diapers are good and keep in the pee and poo the others LEAK. I’m sorry if I’m paying more for diapers than I do for gas in the winter per month those diapers better not F*****G leak. So I tried these. Affordable and simple. Not ugly as F like LUVS. Eh. So with hesitation I tried them at night first. Do the real test of how good a diaper is! And guess what!?!?

EARTHS BEST HELD UP ALLLLLL 14hrs of sleep. Thank the good diaper lord for that. So I’m ordering more while there’s a discount and I have gift card money (I’m rich B**** well in gift cards). Thanks earths best for supporting my toddlers pee and poo and not making him stink or have cuts in his skinny thighs all the ladies envy.
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