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October 31, 2018
Very very comfortable and quality. Hard to find honest quality sheets.

I finally researched for a month what makes good sheets:
- Percale weave (NOT sateen, which is crap)
- 100% cotton
- 300 thread count or higher

These sheets meet all the criteria above plus it has super deep pockets WITH straps so it will NEVER slip off the corners at night. It even stays put on my friend’s mechanical bed.

1. Only buy PERCALE weave sheets.
1.1 Percale weave is the most comfortable and hardest to weave.
1.2 It’s hard to find good percale sheets.
1.3 Most sheets are sateen and often hide the weave type from you.

2. Always buy 100% cotton.
2.1 Some fabrics are sometimes better, but cotton is an excellent reliable fabric.
2.2 Just buy normal or organic 100% cotton. Don’t fall for the “100% Egyptian cotton” trick. Yes, Egyptian cotton is a very high quality long-staple cotton, but it is not regulated. About 89% of Egyptian cotton sheets are false advertising. They sometimes buy plain old normal cotton from Egypt and call it Egyptian cotton. If you want verifiably long-staple cotton you can look for Supima trademarked sheets. But I feel they cost too much for what you get in return. Supima cotton is all grown in the US and tightly regulated. Thus the cost goes up 2-3x.

3. 300 thread count or higher is just fine
3.1 The market puts too much emphasis on thread count. Weave and fabric type are far more important.
3.2 Don’t be fooled by marketing that advertises 1000 thread count. They’re almost certainly using sateen weave. Not comfortable.
3.3 Sateen often cheats by bunching up 3 or 4 threads per single thread weave and counts it as 3 or 4 threads per line. So it’s really more like 250 or 333 thread count. Dishonest. It’s comparable to buying a camera with 24 MegaPixels when the sensor is really only 8 MP. They simply upscaled the image, but at zero improvement to quality (which actually happens).
3.4 Honest percale 1000 TC costs over $1000, but it’s hard to find.

Bottom line:
You get what you pay for. These are honest good quality, sturdy, comfortable sheets. The best I’ve found for $150.
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