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Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2017
Nice little go set for learning. You probably couldn't do much better for the price, but there are a few signs of cheap. My surface had a few marks out of the box, the sticker isn't -perfectly- aligned. Some of the stones took a little work to get apart, some of the magnets need to pushed back into the slots (where they stayed great once in place), some have fiddly bits of plastic hanging off, but overall nice.

Others have said it, but thank goodness for the nice firm snap of the board to hold the stones (the containers themselves don't snap shut, so if the board opened, it'd be chaos). Little slots inside to hold the containers into place so they don't bounce around. The magnets aren't strong enough to make it tough to move them, but stay in place really well when the board is jostled around.

Only possible gripe for me is that I wish there was some padding to hold the board in place a little better on surfaces (but you could just throw some moleskin or something on it to the same effect). Also, a little booklet jammed in there with instructions on how to count, the rules, maybe handicap methods, that sort of thing, would bump up the value of this board for me. It's nothing too hard to learn, but I didn't realize I don't remember how to count a physical board until I finished my first game!

If you need a nice set, good sound, real stones, any of that, spring for a good set. I just need one to have one, and one I won't feel bad about forgetting in someone elses car or a hotel, so this works great for me.

EDIT DEC 2018: bumping this up to 5 stars. This set has bounced around the backset of my car, been crushed under books, put through some crap and still lived. I constantly find stones in my laundry and on the ground and still never run out. I still wish I would have bought a real set, and would still say a person should probably buy a real set as their first set, but I'd be lying if I said this set isn't perfect for what it is.
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