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October 11, 2016
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Overall, I like this book. I actually thought he had a lot of good advice. I don't agree with every piece of advice, but parts of it were good. In my opinion, the first chapter could have used a bit more editing as it felt like it was written by someone who writes English as a second (or third) language and it made me think the rest of the book would be difficult to read. Specifically, I preferred the advice he gave with research to back it up. A few conclusions in the book were essentially his own opinion and didn't seem to have much basis in science, but he was clear about the fact it was just his opinion. It is not a book I would follow to the letter (no book is that to me though) but he does address issues that I agree directly effect a persons happiness.I have referenced this book in conversation several times already as it has prompted me to think about several topics related to happiness I haven't considered much before, so I believe Dr. Gilkis accomplished his goal. Overall, it was a good book worth a read particularly of you like self-help, although I didn't love it so much I will actively be recommending it friends.

The author Dr. Zeev Gilkis has a very impressive set of credentials which more than qualify him to write a book. He has his Ph.D in mathematics and is a successful businessman, as well as a proud father. He features something from each of his sons in the book.
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