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Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2018
don’t buy these they’re not AAA.

take a breath. read things. i know batteries are Super Annoying and you can’t believe that in 2018 anything exists that doesn’t just work with USB and come with a charging cable.

but you need AAA. Triple A. and these are QUAD A! that makes no sense! you have never once even seen these anywhere nor owned anything that has ever asked for AAAA batteries.

so why would there even be any reason that these aren’t the AAA you definitely do need for something. because “AAAA” is obviously not AA and your brain has been able to get you through your entire infant, toddler, child, teen, and ultimately adult life by successfully using the easy mnemonic shortcut of “if it’s longer than a Pair or As, that’s the one i want” so why would that crumble to pieces all the sudden with no warning?

i don’t know but whoever decided that AAAA should show up when i searched for AAA batteries, in any way, belongs on a PIP.

because now what. i have to deal with going to a post office? printing a return label? are you kidding me!? i shop on amazon prime and only order things that have like free guaranteed in the next fifteen minutes delivered by a flying cat made out of pop tarts or double your money back without you even thinking about anything much less doing anything. and what little ability i have to deal with obscene anachronisms like buying BATTERIES IN TWENTY EIGHTEEN has been utterly depleted by having to buy BATTERIES IN TWENTY EIGHTEEN.

so. no. i don’t have anything left in me to go get a printer and make it work and find out the stupid ink is dried out and then either ORDER MORE INK which costs $883 and i’ll only use it once or go get in my car and drive to Staples or Kinkos and then try and get the darn thing off my nice pretty paranoid secure phone and onto the soupy herpic fluid-share that is Some Random Computer At Staples or Kinkos (aka no. just. no way i’m logging into a single account from one of those things) just so i can print a piece of paper out and stick it onto more paper and then take the accursèd things back to a POST OFFICE that smells like a POST OFFICE and everyone is miserable and spending every ounce of brain power on hating life but trying to probably be quiet and civil about it and OH WAIT NO they’re probably closed anyway because the post office is just as bad as a DMV except you can’t even go to a website and sign up for an appointment six weeks out so you’d be able to deal with that torture pit Just A Little Moment Less?

which is why i probably still have the dang things in their original plastic. laughing at me. reminding me to never buy batteries in the future ever again.
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