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September 16, 2017
Two weeks after first receiving these headphones, I find myself using them for a few hours everyday. They're comfortable enough for long listening periods, and I now consider the sound quality to be above average. 8.5/10 stars.

I also forgot to mention the noise canceling feature in my initial review - 8.5/10 stars. Very good at masking ambient noise while preserving the integrity of the audio you're listening to. I'd say ambient noise is about 85‰ eliminated, which should put these headphones at least in the $150 range. On a full charge, no static, dropouts, or interference in the strong Bluetooth connection. After a few hours, the wireless connection destabilizes a bit, but I don't know any headphones that don't do the same thing. Plus, the shakey signal could just as easily be my computer's fault. That makes the ability to charge these headphones and listen at the same time a very useful feature.

Pairing and setup was a breeze, though I haven't figured out how to change anything but volume using on ear controls with Win 10 VLC, but that's another extremely minor complaint,and lots of devices don't interface well with Win 10 and VLC, especially audio components for Windows. Biggest flaw of an otherwise great OS. But I digress...

The item arrived well-packaged in a nice, padded box. The included leather carrying case is high quality and very slick. Another nice, appreciated touch was the included aux cable. That enables a must have feature out of the box - the ability to keep listening to your phones even when they have no charge.

Overall, I'm now quite pleased with my purchase. You can't do any better at this price point. I've paid a little less for a lot of different wireless earbuds and headphones, and I never saw any of those cheaper products hold a candle to the E7's. I've also dropped three times the amount of money the E7's cost me, and yeah, some might've had slightly better drivers and other microscopic differences only audiophiles like myself pickup. In terms of functionality though, none of the more expensive cans had one single feature that the E7's dont, and many were missing an item or two.

If you have a ton of money and a killer home studio, go ahead and invest in a stupid expensive, high end, special occasion set... AND THEN BUY THESE TOO, Mr. Moneybanks. The E7's will be your everyday pair - a loyal and reliable companion that you'll only put down when you're sitting in your wood panel listening room, enjoying an unopened, mint condition, rare Miles Davis album on vinyl passed through gold cables. Anywhere else, the E7's are it.
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