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Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2018
well...i like the color as it won't show dirt? bought these for gardening cause they have closed toe. HOWEVER, am disappointed...have a pair with openings all 'round that i've had for years...first thing i do when i step in the door is put those on. they are soft and squishy in the most perfect way. the NEW ones are hard and the ridges/bumps inside make it feel as tho i have sand in my shoes...ick and big sigh. i don't know if they will soften up with time or as with so much else these days they've switched to cheaper materials and now they're inferior. anyone have an opinion on this? whether the OLDER ones are spongier which give a feeling of just walking on a cloud? also. has anyone had a pair that just dried up and crumbled? i had a pair for gardening i picked up at goodwill or somewhere and they were nice and brown like dirt. but even with duck taping they finally crumbled.
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