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Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2016
I really enjoy this series as a whole, and this book was no exception.

I definitely wouldn't read this installment without reading the previous ones, because Fortune's going through a lot of life-changes right now. Last book she and Carter got back together right at the very end, but without really defining what that was going to be like. Now she's still trying to decide what she's going to to do with the rest of her life, having come to the conclusion that the CIA is no longer what she wants to do, but she's got the added hang up of not wanting to step on Carter's toes if she becomes a private detective, as well as worrying about staying in Sinful if she and Carter don't ultimately work out.

All these deeper concerns are underneath the much more fun and much more hilarious joyride of being in Sinful, with its whacky laws and whackier citizens. Celia is being worse than usual (Please, oh please let her get some kind of amazing comeuppance eventually... I don't think I've disliked a fictional character so much since Umbridge), there's a young man to save, a gater that is starting to think it's a dog, Ida's amazing menagerie of lies, and the usual mishaps the Swamp Team gang gets into whenever they're trying to solve a mystery. I love spending time in Sinful anyway, but with the deeper undercurrents to Fortune's life as well as the fate of the town (Celia as mayor?! *horrified gasp* get that audit done!), the books are incredibly satisfying on multiple levels. It's a light-hearted romp, but with some real meat to sink your teeth into as well.
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