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Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2020
I liked the acting and all the actors had great screen presence. However, Awful plot. Meant for teenagers and meant to deliver good and sweet messages? What is that supposed to mean, "Forever My Girl"? The driving messages seem to be that guys easily become wealthy and are fine with minimal responsibility (including poor dressing), fans and administrators of celebrities tend to become obsessed with their celebrities, guys can rely on women to wait for them no matter how poor their behavior, women are expected to wait no matter how poor a man behaves or treats them, and that forgiveness means something like it really is not important to learn from mistakes. Very gross for a man to press himself upon a woman, demanding to be present, demanding time and gross to see persistent unawareness of humility and apology, especially in a context of expected romance (by the movie viewer). It should be normal and possibly cute for someone to punch another person in a romantic context? Was that supposed to be cute? I am hopeful this is a portrayal of rare relationships, ones that apparently have a gloriously romantic and loyal beginning, stop incredibly quickly, turn abysmal and then a prince charming evolves, although dependent upon a woman waiting and a child being key to the recovery of the relationship . If so, why produce a story and film with this plot?. No need to get into background and character development.... Please re-plot this movie with all the same actors.
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