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Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2019
I will try not to give any spoilers in here but if you want to watch this movie because you saw the trailer and thought, "Aw, what a sweet, romantic and multidimensional movie," then think again. This movie is jarring in the beginning and full of tragedy throughout. Tragedy can be sweet and multidimensional but it was slapped into the audience's face so heavy-handedly that you just feel jerked around. Like the writer really wanted the audience to cry but didn't put in the work of connecting with us to make it happen, instead just following the formula of: "*Poof!* More tragedy! Now cry." This feels sloppy since the whole point of the movie is about the beauty and unexpectedness of life. "Life Itself" feels like it wants to be beautiful and unexpected but doesn't put in the work of being either. Sure, there are some sweet parts but it ultimately feels forced and choppy. Not every movie has to be a great work of art to be worth watching but this one promises to be deep but doesn't deliver, leaving you feeling short-changed like an attendee after a Tupperware party.
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