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Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2018
This is the second pair of Sketchers I bought. This pair in particular is kind of an upgrade in style than the other ones I bought 3 years ago. They fit perfectly on my feet and are comfortable. For me I have fallen arches (not flat), and I have to take extra care with shoes like these. Over time the padding wears out faster due to the pressure I exert as I walk, and my ankles tend to roll inward as I normally walk. That part is more the way my feet are not the shoes.

I also learned that when you buy a shoe you really have to choose a pair that are designed for what you are doing. If you walk a lot daily then you need walking shoes which have a thicker sole (like these do). If you are a runner you need to get a thinner sole shoe. They are lighter in weight. Another thing is that you only need to go up a half size than what your foot actually measures. If your foot is 10" in length they you go up to a 10 1/2" (10.5"). As you walk your feet swell so you have a 1/2" buffer for that thing. I mention this because I went a full inch more than needed when I bought shoes in the past not knowing that was over kill.

Finally my last pair of Sketcher lasted 3 years (did a lot of walking at my previous job), and I suspect I'll get about 4 or 5 years of use since I don't walk nearly as much at my current job.
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