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Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2013
These were purchased from R-lsales about a year ago. They were shipped terribly - just tossed in an envelope and stuck in the mail. They arrived with the packaging and invoice all messed up, I did contact the vendor to tell them and got a bunch of excuses about how much these cost him and how little he makes on them, and how it's basically the post office's fault that it happened. But we were going to overlook that, so we put them in some calipers. Less than 6 months later (and with little use in that time), the batteries were all DEAD. There had been no date on them, so we are convinced that we were sold outdated batteries, I did just contact the vendor and asked if they would give me a refund or replace them. While I understand they were purchased a year ago and wasn't really expecting them to replace or refund me, I was interested in how the vendor would respond. Had I gotten "I'm so sorry that this happened, but please understand that it's been a long time and I just can't refund or replace them at this point", I'd not have left this negative review. Instead, I got no apology, no caring that we'd even POSSIBLY been sold defective merchandise by them. Just more attitude about how they don't have a one year warranty and he doesn't sell these anymore anyway, and his cost is more than I originally paid. I would not purchase ANYTHING from this vendor.
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