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December 17, 2018
I’ve been a cord cutter for over a decade and I’ve had a channel master DVR for three years and I consider it one of the better ones on market. Just bought the Amazon one hoping that Amazon would be better but I was wrong. They have a LONG way to go. This unit works off WIFI and it is slow and buggy in responding. You are habitually watching the screen go blank with a circle going around. If you don’t wait and hit any button and you are back to the main Fire Stick menu and have to start all over again.

Their FAQ will say it is YOUR WIFI causing the issue but I have 100meg fiber optic. I get 80meg service on my phone right next the Fire Stick and DVR. The Fire Stick and TV are within 15 feet of the router with line of site!. So if I have issues, EVERYONE will. . I believe the issue is that when you hit the remote sends a signal to the fire stick then fire stick has to send a signal to the DVR and then they go back-and-forth all the Wi-Fi network which is slow. They need to be HARD WIRED!

What Amazon needs to do is to integrate the fire stick into the DVR then hard wire the DVR to the TV like Channel master does with an HDMI cable then come up with a better remote with more features on it like fast forward email the fire stick does not remote

The Fire TV is integrated your fire stick which is nice. It adds a DVR menu to the top line. It does record well. You also have the option to record in SD or HD. If you set it for SD or HD ONLY, it may not record the program if it’s not broadcast in SD or HD. So only use SD or HD Preferred.

There is no way to tell how full your DVR is?

You cannot rely on it recording. It has in one week missed 2 recording events and twice, I have stopped a recording they started a manual recording and it did not record.

You are stuck though with the limited features of the Fire Stick remote. You CAN NOT turn on or off your TV or adjust volume with that remote so you need the Fire and TV remote around.

Every time you record a series you have recording preferences like quality and how many to keep. I can’t find any way to change the default preferences. The access to any kind of preferences in the DVR are VERY limited.

You have to get used to your TV channels now being sorted by name instead of by channel number as most of us are used to who watch OTA broadcasts. You also cannot HIDE channels that you don’t want to see like shopping ones. The works around is to make the channels you want to see as a Favorite and just view your favorite list. Kind of a pain.

No way to see recording schedule short of looking through the guide and looking for a red dot which does not show up unless you stay in a time section a few seconds

Navigating the guide is SLOW. If you want to see what’s playing tomorrow night you must hold down the advance button and go through each hour till you get where you want. The Fast Forward button should advance you like 3 hours or a whole day not one hour at a time. It is also very slow as you go out. I doubt the DVR downloads the guide to the DVR for us but appears to download it as you look which slows down response time.

Sorry Amazon but this is going back in the box to you. When you make some significant improvements let me know. Your team needs to go get an hold of Channel Master DVR and play with it and see what you missed.
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