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Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2018
I got some smart plugs so that I could turn on inside lights if we come home after dark with the app on my phone.
My 82 y.o. Dad lives with me & has a hard time walking & he's also losing his ability to see at all in the dark, because of Macular Degeneration. So the last thing I need is him tripping over something in the dark, trying to turn lights on!!
I have an Echo & Dot in my room, which I mostly use to stream music with my Amazon Music Unlimited.
I was controlling even his bedroom light & the hallway light with the app on my phone as well as my Echo.
So I bought two more Dots during prime day sale.
It's been a game changer!! My Dad struggled, even with the app on his phone to control the lights. Now that we have a Dot in his bedroom & an Echo & Dot in the living room, he's very easily learned how to ask Alexa to turn on the hallway light, his bedroom light when he's going to bed!! NO MORE STUMBLING AROUND IN THE DARK or trying to remember where he put his flashlight!!
Since the Echo Dots all sync together, once he gets to his bedroom, he tells Alexa to turn off the living room light & the hallway light when he gets to his bedroom!! This little device is a SAVING GRACE, not only for my Dad, but for me!! I don't have him calling me to "Show me again how to turn the lights on/off" with his phone app!!
It's like having someone else here that helps me take care of my Dad!!
I made a list of the commands for the lights, etc & hung one on his night stand & put the other beside his chair in the living room!!
He's also exploring, BY HIMSELF, different commands for Alexa. I've heard him ask her about the weather, baseball scores, etc. THIS LITTLE ITEM IS A TRUE GEM FOR SENIORS!! I love mine just as much & the quality of the sound thru the Echo is AMAZING for listening to music. I'm VERY PICKY about sound quality!! I have Bose speakers hooked up to my TV & have Bose ear buds as well. The quality of the sound from the Echo is just as good as Bose speakers!!
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