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Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2016
Whatever you do, DO NOT GET THIS TABLET. Barnes and Noble put a cloud library sync feature in it and it will interfere with everything you are trying to do ALL THE TIME. I will say, it has great sound and video but the library syncing every five minutes will crash your games and everything else constantly! It is downright maddening! They say it won't do it if you are not online and that is not true, it tried to and got stuck so I had to shut it down. In fact every morning I had to shut it down and restart it to get the thing to work at all, which it still kept crashing, freezing and lagging BAD. Besides, most of the games I play are online games. Sometimes it takes more than five minutes to do too, it heats up the cpu to damaging levels, sucks the battery which has a short life anyway and ruins what could have been a decent tablet. I have never been so frustrated by a device before and I had a Windows phone once. My mother got one too and same thing. We both have Samsungs now and what a difference! If you just want it for books and movies it may not be too bad but if you want to actually use it, be prepared to deal with a lot of crashing, freezing and get this, the thing actually did a factory reset on its own! I picked it up to do something and it was factory reset! I had to start all over! I had to download all my things again and lost a bunch of stuff too. Also, no camera. This thing is a real disappointment.
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