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Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2016
Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Five stars, to be exact. Good production values, an interesting blend of cardboard cutouts and real character...values, reasonable paycheck values, and easily defensible family values make this show a good value. You, the faithful tick watcher, will be tickled by the witty repartee and thumping good action. You, the Amazonian purveyor of outstanding entertainment, will find this to be great for fluffing up your resume should that ever become necessary.

Some will note that this was filmed using a Beholder steadicam and Red digital camera rather than a mere handheld camera. This is good equipment but, confusingly, the Red camera is actually black. Well, never mind. It is the resulting image that matters. And that image is competently and occasionally creatively filmed. The operators barely scratched the surface of what the Beholder gyro platform and Red digital camera can do, but that tiny scratch with a bit of Red oozing out is irresistable to ticks.

Moth, also known as Arthur, makes a great a supporting cast to the real star who is--of course--Tick. Beneath Moth's atrophied muscles and generally slow on the uptick reaction time is a devilishly clever mind. Seriously, anyone who figures out that secret lever that opens the super-secret crime lab in Moth's HQ should leave the location in the comments. Pretty please.

If blushing was physically possible...well, we can all agree that the Tick is impressive. The emotional range from bemused to befuddled is gloriously explored. And if that range is not enough for you then the Tick will remain impervious, a bonus emotional response. It is good that a bullet-proof blue paragon of morality and physical perfection is not prone to being ticked off, which also improved efficiency on the set.

Idle hands make the Terror's work, but a lot of villains and a few super-villains were kept busy on the set. Since the workweek was usually 60 hours plus per week, this leaves little time for evil-doing. For example, aimbotting in first person shooters was down by 30% during filming. We all know that aimbotting is a "gateway evil". Trolling and clickbaiting were also down during this time. Making episodes is a pretty good living and it keeps the characters out of more serious trouble.

Justice may be blind, but she has sensitive listening devices. Sort of like Tick's antennae. Sweet justice is served up hot with a side of morality in some plotlines. Good frequently triumphs, evil mostly benefits little from its misconduct. A test group was found to be 37% less likely to jaywalk after watching several episodes. Very few test subjects attempted to walk through a hail of bullets or hail a cab from the middle of its trajectory. On balance, family values are tolerated and even encouraged on this show.

So, what are you waiting for? Point your antennae at this screen and latch onto the next episode. Or possibly the first episode. If you are an Amazon executive, hurry and make more episodes to keep Western civilization safe from the depradations of aimbotters and trolls simply by keeping them gainfully employed.
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