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Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2018
We live in a town where the city water has an undesirable taste (and smell). We haven't tested it for lead, arsenic, or other contaminants, but the taste alone is unacceptable. We tried using Brita filters, but the taste remained unacceptable. Aquagear pitchers and their filter did the job -- the water tastes clean and pure.

With Aquagear pitchers, be sure not to overfill the pitcher. It is possible to overfill it if you had some filtered water still in the pitcher. I think that the total volume of filtered and unfiltered water should not cause the water level to rise much above the bottom of the filter, since the unfiltered water will then have no way to go through the filter. There is no indicator that you have placed too much water. If you do overfill it, some unfiltered water will be included when you pour water out of the pitcher.

The filter works acceptably fast when it is still usable. When it starts to just let water drip through very slowly, it is time to change the filter. Our original filter lasted almost 4 months (we are only 2 people in the house, and we only use filtered water for drinking).

It was a pleasant surprise to us that we could get a replacement filter so quickly -- 1 day with free shipping with prime. No need to stock up on replacement filters.
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