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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2018
Just as the headline says, I wasn't even able to "use" the item as intended as it broke before even getting to the actual usage part. I turned the pumping mode on just to test it out and after 2 thrusts without even putting anything inside the motor unhinges and the chassis popped out of its guide rails! Needless to say this rendered the entire thing pretty much broken and unusable, besides the vibration and heat modes. It's a shame too since this thing seemed like it would be a lot of fun, but I didn't want to risk potentially breaking it further.

Other notes:
- The "sleeve" is pretty small (about 4" long) and VERY narrow (about 1.5" in diameter, MAYBE 2 but it'd be painfully tight). "No problem," you may think, "once it's lubed up everything should be fine!" Except that both the inner sleeve and outer entrance would be very difficult to apply lubrication to due to the device's open design.
- The motors for both the piston and vibration functions are also quite weak, and catch very often (even against a couple fingers).
- The heat function is probably the only part that actually works properly, as the sleeve heats up quickly and gets pretty warm, but more sensitive people may find it almost burning hot.
- Overall outer build quality feels relatively high in comparison, and feels nice to hold while having a substantial weight yet not being too heavy
- Earphone jack for moaning sounds (low audio quality). Interesting novelty.
- Micro-USB charging port right next to the audio jack. Both can be difficult to access if the suction base is at certain angles.
- Suction cup is not strong enough to support entire device in most cases
- Despite everything, actually really easy to wash out. Tested when washing out the initial oily feel on the silicone parts from the factory and plastic wrapping.
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