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January 4, 2019
I'll just say this...this movie doesn't cram all the gritty horrific details that go along with the streets and drug addiction down your throat but what it does is show how a family addict... affects the family and their relationships. The stress it puts people under. The desperate lengths a parent will go to to try to reach their child - the pain and grief of 'loss' when someone you love changes and gives willingly, or unwillingly, themselves over to addiction. How recovery is possible, though the chances of relapse are even higher. Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet and the direction of this film are superb. Some may feel a little confused at the flashbacks that appear throughout showing the father-son relationship as "Nic" was growing up, but they endear and humanize the characters. Seemingly, there is NO "reason" for this beloved adult son (18) to turn to drugs and the film makes little attempt to explain why 'normal' people become addicted with the exception of a scene where Carell visits Dr. Brown (Timothy Hutton) and he shows him scans of an addicted brain and how the brain chemistry changes once use is repeated, and personality begins to change along with it. This isn't a loud or overly dramatic movie but it's heartbreaking and moving just the same.
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