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Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2016
This is a good tuner; for many years, in the absence of a piano or keyboard near by, I've tuned my violin to my ear. Once I get once string tuned to a pitch, I can get the other 3 with ease. Of course, this method is only useful when I play alone. Recently, I've been playing with others and have to be tuned to standards. That's where this little tuner comes in.

It's pretty small and light; you don't have to worry about having it on your violin. It has nice grips and it will not scratch your instrument. The head swivels, so you can position it in the direction that best works for you. I remove it from the violin once I'm done tuning but you can certainly leave it there if you want to use it for intonation practicing or you want to use the metronome feature.

The display has colors to help you tune.. from red, yello, to green when finally tuned. It will also tell you if you are off and by how much which I find helpful, especially since I do not have fine tuners on all my strings.

I'm satisfied with the purchase.
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