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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2019
Have you ever read a book that went so against your grain, on the one hand, yet that also had been written with such vivid detail that you didn't want to put it down? About once a year I stumble across a novel that stretches me in so many directions as does "Prisoner of Night." Except that it features vampires, I might well choose to read such a book again next year. For 2019, though, I think this once was plenty. You, dear reader, might love this book, so...

This review is intended for those not familiar with the series by J. R. Ward. I almost never read books featuring vampires. I made an exception with this novel, and am probably better for it, as an author, even if I never delve into the gutsy story telling this author chose to enlighten us with. What I mean is, I greatly respect the writer for daring to write such provocative scenes as she has painted in this fiction.

Now, as to my opinion as a reader, I am a bit mixed. I loved how she was able to show us in vivid detail what the characters were doing and thinking as they proceeded and as they became immersed in one another. Her skill was such that I almost felt as though I were watching a video instead of reading a book. Yet, I just as often found it so over the top that I had to take a break.

BLUSH FACTOR: -- WARNING – If you start reading this book to your prayer group, you will likely be shunned. If you try reading this to your youngster, local authorities might take custody of the child. And, if you try reading this to your elderly parent, I don’t want to be around when the sparks fly… Yes, this has every evil – profanities, sex, violence, and violent sex. If it were a movie it might be rated R or it might be rated X.

POV: Third person.

CHARACTER OR PLOT BASED: Although the characters are well-drawn, this is more of a plot-based story, in my opinion.

WRITING & EDITING: Professionally edited.


“What else did he tell you?” The male’s speech was accented with the Old Country. “Tell me exactly.”

“I don’t have time for talk.”

She held her torch out, trying to will the appearance of racks of weapons from the darkness.

“Yes, you do.” He tracked her like the caged predator he was, following on the other side of those bars. “What else?”

Ahmare stopped again. There was something on the wall, hanging from a hook by a lanyard. Closing the torch in, it appeared to be a handheld device of some kind, palm-sized with a single button on it. A detonator? Was this the weapon?

[Expletive deleted] Chalen.

She took whatever it was off by its cord and was shocked by its heavy weight—

The rattling was loud and she wheeled around. A center portion of the cell was rising up, the dozen or so bars disappearing into the stone ceiling.

The male stepped free. And was even more enormous now that there was nothing between them.

She put her torch forward. “Don’t come any closer. Stay back.”

Throwing out her free hand, she grabbed for another torch in its wall bracket, that object…’

Ward, J.R.. Prisoner of Night (The Black Dagger Brotherhood series) . Gallery Books. Kindle Edition.


Although I do admire the artistic skill of this writer, I probably will not buy any similar books authored by her. Even if certain aspects do appeal, the overall storyline and the orientation towards sex repel me, rather than attract me. In other words, for me, this was a two or three star read. Folks looking for an erotic read, though, will probably rate it five stars.

Three stars out of five for me, personally, but probably four or five for people attracted to this genre.

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