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Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2016
This book is not Chaucer (doesn't try to be, and that's fine!) We'd selected several little books for our grandchildren this Christmas, and while most of them contained more substantive messages, you know what they say about all work and no play! We chose this one for our 2+ year old grandson, a silly book with fun illustrations that we know he and his older brothers will all really get a kick out of! Most of the vocabulary is a bit over his head at this stage, but that's how they learn, and it sets up the perfect scenario for one of his older (4-1/2 & 8-1/2) brothers to enjoy reading it to him and maybe provide Mommy with a little break.

Well, of COURSE we all know that dragons love tacos - who doesn't love tacos? But what we may not know until reading this story is that dragons + tacos + spicy salsa equals dragons with attitude! One of the things I like is that the dragons I knew as a child (other than Puff!) were all very scary and the creatures of nightmares... but these are the funniest, friendliest looking dragons you could imagine, all of whom just LOVE tacos and just LOVE parties of any kind - just combine the two (into a taco party), and you're looking at some super happy dragons! Except... including any spicy salsa is a no-no, since we're all aware of what dragons are known for, and slipping - even accidentally - any spicy salsa into the mix would be like putting a match to a... uh-oh!

And how could a book coming from this combo of author/illustrator be anything other than fun? I had a good chuckle over the "recipe" included on the inside of the jacket for "making" this book... (author) "Adam Rubin: 8 oz. magic tricks, 4 oz. knock-knock jokes, 17 words per minute... In a small apartment, stir ingredients and store in New York City", along with (illustrator) "Daniel Salmieri: 4 tbsp. watercolor paint, 2 cups pencils (sharpened), 6 corn tortillas... Preheat Brooklyn, New York, to 75 degrees and bake for 27 years", then "Serve both dishes together for a delightful smorgasbord a la Robo-Sauce, Secret Pizza Party, and Those Darn Squirrels." VERY clever!
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