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July 10, 2018
I bought this last month to try with one of my two dogs. The ingredient list looked good, and most of the reviews were favorable. I figured I’d be scientific about it and did the following test: Both of my dogs are labs and are the same age and both are in good health. I usually feed two cups of food once per day of my old food.

I took roughly a week to wean one of my dogs onto the food. I looked at my dog’s weight and stool for results. There was no change in eatin habits. Both of my dogs are labs. They scarf food like no tomorrow.

My dog that is eating this food has had consistently larger poops (which generally signifies filler ingredients that they cannot digest) and looser poops. They were so loose that they were sometimes even diarrhea. Furthermore, my dog eating this food has lost weight. (Again, filler ingredients) I have since weaned him back to his old food and everything has gone back to normal.

So, pros for this food: Cheap. That’s really about it. It’s on the same level as convenience store purina dog chow.

Cons: Lots of filler ingredients. This means you need to feed more for a dog to get the same nutrition. This basically removes “cheap” as a mitigating factor.
Makes my dog sick. Loose poop, bad gas, eating grass. This means digestive issues, and it started with this food and ended when I stopped.

Summary: Don’t buy this. Amazon needs to reformulate this food.
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