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Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2020
Well, the idea of flipping & reversing the way an umbrella works is genius... however, the execution on the one I received is lacking in one crucial spot. The locking button that you press to deploy open and that locks it into place once it’s up - well it’s made of plastic and encased by more plastic. Which I’ve never seen before, usually this mechanism is metal. And for good reason because the plastic is weak and doesn’t work. It’s nearly impossible to press it in to release and if you did manage to wrestle it open, good luck getting it to disengage to close back up.

The very first time I used it, it had to stay open on the floor for days until I found a handy person to work on it. Together we tested it over and over to see if it’s worthwhile taking along when I need an umbrella, as the last thing you need when you’re out is for it not open or to close. That is when it becomes instant trash.

The verdict? I’m not able to get this to function so it’s worthless to me. But the dude who helped me out, got themselves a new umbrella / walking stick
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